Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 61: Who's in the office?

The Countdown To Christmas has begun.

Last Friday we had every single one45-er in the office. All twenty four of us. From now until Christmas, however, it will be a revolving door of holidays and vacations until the office closes for a week while we all enjoy the holiday season.

Today there were four dev team members working from home and one on vacation. Meetings get pushed, the expected tickets completed each week shrinks, and we all wear lots of layers into the office. The sun rises at 8 am and sets just after 4. 

I can't wait to be in Texas! 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Day 60: When can we start?

The Company Christmas Party was today!!

The festivities were to start at 3 pm with our Murder Mystery extravaganza. Everyone waited not so patiently for the hours to pass.

The murder mystery was a hoot. It was pretty much straight from Gossip Girl, which you won't hear me complaining about. Given that, I should have been able to predict the killer much more effectively than I did.

From there we went to the Top Of Vancouver, a revolving restaurant. The food was amazing and the view was even better! 

It was really great to meet all the folks who work remotely. Seeing them in person was different than the crummy webcams we all usually use.

Overall it was an amazing time! Everyone had a great time and made it home safely. That's really all you can ever ask for!